PS5 System Software Update Released, See The Patch Notes And Improvements

A fresh update for the PlayStation 5 system software has arrived, bringing enhancements to music playback, a feature to ensure smooth PSVR 2 broadcasts, and additional voice-command options.

The release notes for version 23.02-08.20.00 were published on PlayStation’s official website and can be viewed in their entirety below. Regarding the music updates, the PS5’s control center now presents a two-column layout, allowing players to easily explore categories, playlists, and individual songs.

As for PSVR 2, this update provides players with the reassurance that they won’t accidentally broadcast their surroundings. Users can now opt to block the see-through view, preventing the camera’s see-through image from being displayed while utilizing PSVR 2.

With the new voice commands, players can simply say “What’s new?” and the system will display any available new features. Sony also mentioned that the PS5 update has enhanced the messaging system and usability on certain screens.

The complete patch notes can be found below.

In other PS5 news, it has been recently confirmed that the new PS5’s optional disc drive requires an internet connection for setup. The slimmer version of PS5 will be released in November, gradually replacing the bulkier launch models.

Version: 23.02-08.20.00

  • The control center now offers a more user-friendly music experience. With its two-column layout, players can effortlessly browse through various categories, playlists, and songs.
  • When broadcasting games with PSVR 2, you can prevent unintentional broadcasting of your surroundings.
    • Access Settings > Accessories > PlayStation VR2, and enable the Block See-Through View on TV option to prevent the camera’s see-through image from appearing on your TV screen while using PSVR 2.
  • By using the Voice Command “What’s new?” on any screen, you can now check for new features on your PS5.
    • Currently, Voice Command (Preview) is only available in English for players with PlayStation Network accounts in the US and UK.
  • We have made improvements to the messaging system and usability on certain screens.

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