How Close Are We To Cyberpunk 2077’s Cyberware Augmentations In Real Life?

State-of-the-art body modifications are prevalent in the realm of Cyberpunk 2077, ranging from ocular enhancements that improve vision to subcutaneously implanted body armor. In a fresh installment of The Real History Of, Dave Klein delves into advancements in genuine medical science to explore the potential for real-life cyberware.

According to the lore of Cyberpunk 2077, cybernetic implants are commonplace, as individuals utilize technology to augment themselves for occupational purposes, lifestyle choices, or to bolster their combat prowess. Within the game, the cyberware system serves as an exceptional means to upgrade and personalize your character, whether you opt to construct a formidable fighter with strength and durability enhancements or prefer implants that grant you an edge in stealth or hacking.

In the real world, Klein elucidates, humans have been fabricating artificial implants or prostheses for millennia, commencing with rudimentary artificial eyes and wooden dentures. Presently, more advanced robotic prostheses are being developed, some of which can be controlled by the brain, emulating the functionality of an organic limb.

Arguably, one of the most notable disparities between our reality and the world of Cyberpunk 2077 is that the majority of medical prostheses and implanted devices are employed reactively to restore a certain level of normal function, rather than elevating the body to superhuman levels. Nonetheless, there are exceptions—the military has long been engaged in experiments with powered exoskeletons to enhance human strength and endurance, while the body hacking community is renowned for their ventures into unconventional body modifications, driven by both practical and aesthetic motivations.

Watch the aforementioned video for a comprehensive overview of all the bodily systems that Cyberpunk 2077 enables you to upgrade. In the realm of real-life medical science, we are undeniably closer to achieving certain forms of cyberware than others.

Cyberpunk 2077 has recently received a substantial update with the extensive Phantom Liberty expansion, which introduces an enhanced cyberware system offering even more options for audacious body hackers to experiment with. For further information, consult our Phantom Liberty guides hub.

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