Lies Of P – How To Turn All NPCs Into Puppets

Deceptions of P is a game reminiscent of the Souls series where you engage in combat against numerous marionettes. Along your journey, you also encounter various individuals who are willing to offer assistance, but there is a hidden truth at the conclusion of the story, one that grants you the ability to transform all non-player characters into puppets in Deceptions of P. Additionally, you can achieve two Accomplishments/Trophies–“Maestro of Krat” and “The Tale of a Singular Father”–in the process. It is important to note that this article contains spoilers.

How to transform all NPCs into puppets in Deceptions of P

You can transform the NPCs in Hotel Krat into puppets in Deceptions of P by playing the piano in Hotel Krat after making a crucial decision at the conclusion of the story. Here is a brief summary from fellow writer Kai Powell:

  • After defeating a boss named Simon Manus, descend the elevator to the lowest level of the tower. There, you will find Geppetto in the center of the chamber.
  • Geppetto will inquire if P desires to become a real boy. Opt to sacrifice P’s heart to obtain one of the game’s endings.
  • Following the post-credits scene, you will be prompted to proceed with a New Game Plus playthrough.
  • Do not transition to New Game Plus. Instead, continue your current playthrough to respawn in Hotel Krat.

Playing the piano after achieving a specific ending leads to a hidden surprise.

How to acquire the Maestro of Krat accomplishment

Once inside Hotel Krat, head to the piano. Since you are in a post-story playthrough with a particular ending selected, you will be able to perform a flawless melody. This will earn you the Deceptions of P “Maestro of Krat” Accomplishment/Trophy.

After the cutscene concludes, observe the NPCs in the vicinity. You will notice that they have all been transformed into puppets. Furthermore, they refer to P as “Carlo,” possibly a nod to Carlo Collodi, the author of the Adventures of Pinocchio.

NPCs in Hotel Krat, such as Venigni (left) and Eugenie (right) have been transformed into puppets.

How to acquire The Tale of a Singular Father accomplishment

To obtain the Deceptions of P “The Tale of a Singular Father” Accomplishment/Trophy, ensure that you exhaust all dialogue options when conversing with Geppetto throughout the story. Then, once you have transformed everyone in Hotel Krat into puppets after the ending, proceed upstairs to Geppetto’s room. There, you will discover Geppetto’s Letter, which you can peruse to unlock this Accomplishment/Trophy.

Make certain to read all the pages in Geppetto’s Letter.

That is how you transform all Hotel Krat NPCs into puppets in Deceptions of P. As an additional note, it appears that other collectibles or secrets are not necessary for this particular hidden surprise. When we achieved this specific outcome, we did not possess all the records or the Golden Lie special weapon.

In any case, you can continue your current playthrough to acquire any other items or accomplishments that you may have missed. Alternatively, you can proceed to New Game Plus, where you will have the opportunity to replay the story, bolstered by many of your equipment pieces and upgrades. You can find more information about the related mechanics in our Deceptions of P NG+ guide.

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