Hardcore Bank Alts Griefed in Capital Cities by Spawning Mobs


The realm of Classic Hardcore has become an even more treacherous place, where not even bank alts seeking refuge in capital cities are safe anymore!

Establishing bank alts has become a widely adopted strategy to safeguard oneself in Hardcore. In the unfortunate event of your main character’s demise, you can mitigate the loss by transferring some gold and valuable materials to a bank alt. This tactic becomes increasingly valuable as your main character progresses, accumulating more gear and wealth to support your next endeavor.

However, this safety net is now under attack! Recently, players have fallen victim to cunning griefers who target their bank alts. These malicious individuals employ various methods to initiate a massacre in the capital cities, utilizing specific items in the game that have the ability to summon hostile creatures. I won’t delve into the details of these despicable acts, as they are truly reprehensible.

One such incident was witnessed by Ethereal_Bulwark:

The mob in question may have been only level 22, but it posed a significant threat to low-level bank alts. This form of griefing has been spreading, with some players even suggesting fleeing to other cities for safety!

So, it is imperative to either swiftly log in and out of your bank alts, relocate them to a supposedly “secure” city, or better yet, level them beyond 20!

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