Destiny 2 Is Saying Goodbye To Legendary Shards From Season 23

Legendary Shards have been a staple resource in Destiny 2 for many years. They are earned through various activities and by dismantling Legendary and Exotic gear. However, Bungie has announced that they will be phasing out Legendary Shards starting from Season 23 and completely retiring them by the release of The Final Shape expansion in February 2024.

Bungie states that Legendary Shards have been causing instability in the Destiny 2 economy for too long. By removing them, the game will become easier to understand for new players and reduce the complexity of currencies, consumables, and items. In Season 23, all Legendary Shard costs from the Monument to Lost Lights will be removed, while costs for Glimmer, Exotic Cipher, and Spoils of Conquest will remain unchanged.

For ritual gear focusing, Legendary Shard costs will be completely eliminated. Non-Adept focusing will only require ritual engrams and Glimmer. Focusing Adept weapons will still require seven wins in Trials Passages or Nightfall Ciphers.

New costs

Gear Type Rarity Glimmer Reward Secondary Reward Secondary Reward Drop Chance Gunsmith Reputation
General Rare 75
Armor Legendary 1000 Enhancement Core 25% 10
Armor Exotic 2000 Enhancement Core 60% 20
Ghosts Legendary 1000
Ghosts Exotic 1500
Weapons Legendary 1000 Enhancement Core 25% 10
Weapons Exotic 2000 Enhancement Core 60% 20

When The Final Shape expansion launches, all remaining sources and costs of Legendary Shards will be completely removed from the game. Bungie will not offer a currency exchange for stockpiled Legendary Shards. However, Glimmer prices for items will not be increased, and replacement costs will not be added to items that previously required Legendary Shards.

So, what does this mean for dismantling gear? Bungie aims to provide players with valuable rewards when dismantling weapons and armor. These rewards will primarily consist of Glimmer, Enhancement Core, and reputation rewards. Ships and Sparrows will no longer have a cost for pulling them from Collections, as they will be free. Therefore, they will not offer any rewards when dismantled.

Dismantle Rewards

Item Type Engram Glimmer Misc
New Ritual Weapons 1 0
Standard Ritual Pool Weapons 3 5000
Standard Ritual Pool Armor 3 5000
Legacy Weapons 5 15,000
Legacy Armor 5 15,000
Iron Banner Weapons 5 25,000
Nightfall Weapons 5 25,000
Adept Nightfall Weapons 1 50,000 10 Nightfall Ciphers
Trials Weapons 5 25,000
Adept Trials Weapons 1 50,000 7-Win Trials Passage

Lastly, Bungie has hinted that Strange Coins will make a comeback as an alternative form of payment when dealing with Xur. Currently, Xur requires both Glimmer and Legendary Shards for his Exotic and Legendary-class gear. However, once Legendary Shards are removed from Destiny 2, Xur will accept other forms of payment. In other Destiny 2 news, a cheater has been legally banned from ever playing the game again, Sparrows were everywhere in the recent Iron Banner PvP event, and the Crota’s End raid proved to be a challenge for many Guardians.

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