Lies Of P: Best P-Organ Abilities

Deceptions of P offers a plethora of diverse methods to enhance and upgrade your character and equipment, including the P-Organ, which serves as a means to apply perks that have significant impacts on your combat capabilities. By utilizing the Quartz found throughout the game, you can activate these perks and create synergies to gain additional advantages. As you progress through the story, visiting the P-Organ becomes one of your most crucial tasks. Continue reading to discover the top-notch abilities offered by the P-Organ.

Finest P-Organ abilities in Deceptions of P

There are numerous P-Organ abilities to equip and earn synergies, and while the ideal options may slightly differ based on your Deceptions of P class and build, we believe that these abilities generally enhance survivability and damage output for most players. By the end of the game, we had more than 10 P-Organ abilities equipped. Although this list is not ranked, you can consider these abilities collectively as our recommendations for obtaining during your challenging journey.

Augment Pulse Cells

Survival Type (Levels 3, 4, and 5)

It is evident that having more Pulse Cells increases your chances of achieving victory in battle. Therefore, these three abilities should not be overlooked as you level up your P-Organ. Additionally, completing the corresponding synergies in the P-Organ grants you two additional Pulse Cells, so be sure to acquire those along the way.

Enhance Pulse Cell Restoration

Survival Type (Level 2)

Similar to having more Pulse Cells, improving the healing capacity of each Pulse Cell will enhance your chances of survival. This ability ensures that you receive more health from each Pulse Cell used. Like the previous ability, completing the corresponding synergy also grants you an additional increase.

Reduce Damage While Evading

Survival Type (Level 1)

Even the most skilled individuals occasionally get hit while evading. Therefore, acquiring this ability can be immensely beneficial. With this perk, you will endure slightly less damage when struck by an enemy while evading. Although it may not replicate the feeling of a perfect dodge, less damage is always advantageous, isn’t it?

Enhance Charged Stagger ATK

Attack Type (Levels 1 and 3)

Applying these two upgrades can prove immensely useful, especially when facing larger enemies. Typically, your primary objective against such foes is to wear them down and stagger them, allowing you to unleash substantial damage and eventually execute a Fatal Attack. These upgrades improve the speed at which you stagger enemies when striking them with charged attacks.

As you apply abilities in the P-Organ, you will unlock synergies that further enhance your character.

Enhance Fatal Attack ATK

Attack Type (Levels 1 and 5)

Once you have dealt sufficient damage to enemies, they will become staggered, presenting an opportunity for a powerful critical attack that significantly depletes their health bar. Therefore, acquiring these two abilities ensures that you consistently inflict the maximum amount of damage when executing a Fatal Attack.

Extend Staggered Duration

Attack Type (Levels 1 and 5)

Speaking of staggering enemies, you only have a limited amount of time to capitalize on their vulnerability before they recover as if nothing happened. This perk extends the duration for which foes remain staggered, allowing you ample time to position yourself and unleash devastating attacks. Similar to other abilities in this guide, you can further upgrade this perk by completing P-Organ synergies.

Swift Wishstone Utilization

Ability Type (Level 3)

Since Wishstones must be purchased using Gold Coin Fruit and should be reserved for critical situations, it is crucial to utilize them efficiently. During intense boss battles, for instance, you want to swiftly summon your Cube and utilize the Wishstones. This upgrade enables you to use your Cube much more rapidly, potentially determining the outcome of a perilous encounter.

Automatic Legion Recharge

Ability Type (Level 5)

This ability gradually replenishes your Legion bar at all times. Although the recharge speed is relatively slow, it proves exceptionally useful during extensive exploration segments where resources are likely to deplete. You can always take a break and grab a snack while waiting for the recharge to complete.

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